Dreaming of Morel Season

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I am a shroomer in Kentucky

Been hunting for those little beautiful, delicious things we call dry land fish (morels) and not having luck. But I do know at least three other people who are burning it up. Like you say, they wont share their spots, although I ran into one of them in a spot I hit, so I do know one of his spots. lol But I only had found my first one three years ago.

My hubby has that eye for them and got me into hunting of all kinds, and now we teach our sons. They have an eye for them too. For me, it takes some real looking, but I do still find them. It's like my boys can smell them. They are 6 and 7 years old and burn it up, along with my hubby. But we all enjoy it, out in the woods, and when you find one on your own, it's just like hunting turkey or deer for me. I get an adrenaline rush. When it's all said and done, we go home and i let the kids help me fry them up, and we have a heck of a meal. Most times ,we just eat the morels and nothing else. Then if we find a lot, we bread them and flash freeze them!

Good luck to all the shroomers. I you know where some are and you get older, please share your spots so that other generations can hunt after you're gone. I wish I knew where my two uncles' spots were, but they took it to heaven with them... Happy hunting, everyone!!!

Natasha more than 4 years ago

Kentucky Morels

I grew up going mushroom hunting with my father and now continue to hunt with my husband. We started looking 3 weeks ago finding just a few at a time. The past week has been a bountiful time - so far 350 grey, black and blonde morels!!! I couldn't believe one of the patches we found - you couldn't even walk - they were everywhere!!

Dawn Skees more than 5 years ago

Where do you go hunting?

Where in Kentucky do you live? I live in Berea, Ky. And which county did you find them in?

Randy Newsome more than 4 years ago

12 years then FINALLY!

I've searched high and low for 12 years for morels. Once I found 3 but the deer had eaten half of one and I felt guilty about picking them since they clearly enjoyed them too. Finally 3 houses later at this location after hunting here for 3 years, I found morels last weekend. I am thrilled and my husband,
a mushroom hater, really enjoyed them too.

Janine Washle more than 5 years ago


I remember hunting morels with my grandmother! Such memories!!!! Morels are the best tasting mushrooms ever! I am hoping to find some on my property this year.

Cynthia J. more than 5 years ago

Great Post!

I love this post ;-) I'd love nothing more than to go hunting for mushrooms, but I'm so scared to grab a poisonous one! I'm really interested in learning how to find wild edibles. I've heard ramps are a GREAT tasting wild edible as well. Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to go foraging for these beauties =)

Landoflala more than 5 years ago


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