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Berea College

Berea—the college and the city—is a unique place. As a poor Appalachian student at Berea in the 1960s, I learned that Berea's motto was ingrained in its culture, its faculty and its students. With all the racial animosity in the country today, all media and elected officials should visit Berea and spend some time there. They will see first hand how minority students (and I am including ALL races and cultures) are provided a top-rated education (we used to call Berea the Poor Man's Harvard of the South), are taught to look at all sides of an issue, and that equality is given to all humans because they are human and not because of their race, gender, ethnic or socio-economic background.

No other college or university in the USA can match Berea for its adherence to world class education (and thought process) for the poor. You were not handed a degree but you worked for it … literally, as everyone at Berea worked. If everyone had to work like Berea students—from serving as a waiter at Boone Tavern to cleaning the toilets in the dorms to working at the college farm, etc.—they would soon learn the meaning of equality. Protesting is easy; providing a solution requires thought and knowledge.

Berea's curriculum always included as its core, service learning. They taught that we individually and collectively are our brother's keeper, not government. Berea College demonstrates success year after year after year. Berea never taught us that things are "free" but did teach us that we could excel if we worked and invested in ourselves. Berea has the answer to providing quality education to all Americans, regardless of race, gender or economic status.

Dr. F. Sutton more than 2 years ago


November 16, 2018


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