Biking for Burgers

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Visit Leitchfield

If you're visiting at either of our adjacent lakes, Rough or Nolin, come in the Leitchfield and eat at Sandy's on Mill Street. I raised two children eating there, and now I take my two grandchildren there. They have a double burger special for $3.50, along with great ice cream. My ice cream choice is usually an upside-down banana split or a hot fudge cake. If bicycling is your thing, Grayson County has lots of routes with a large cycling community. You can learn about that at the local bicycle shop.

Rick Embry more than 2 years ago

Another Burger Stop

Great article, but next time, head north, to Latonia (southern edge of Covington) for Bard's Burgers. Delicious doesn't do these burgers justice! And then there's the poutine, the fried cheese curds, etc.

Larry Varney more than 2 years ago


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