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The Power of One, Multiplied

The people of Paducah unite in volunteerism to transform their community

The Art of the Hunt

The Henderson Area Arts Alliance takes aim at creative fundraising

Building Hope

The Christian Appalachian Project celebrates 50 years of service

Wynonna Returns to Her Roots

The Grammy Award-winning singer opens up about holiday hardships and the blessings bestowed by her fans

An Heirloom Thanksgiving

A holiday spread that pays tribute to Kentucky's culinary trends of yesteryear (including recipes for barbecued turkey, Kentucky Sally Lunn bread, Pendennis Club champagne punch and more!)

Penned: The 7th Annual Writers' Showcase

The best of reader-submitted fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry

Field Notes - Eating Wild

Cooking - Moroccan turkey and brown rice soup and curried sweet potato hash

Online Extras - Makeover Artist and A Life Devoted to Duty, Honor and Country

Kentucky Kwiz

And many more stories celebrating the best of our Commonwealth -- available only in the print edition of the magazine!

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