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DVD movie 50 to 1

i received the DVD of 50 to 1 the day after this year's Kentucky Derby. I thoroughly enjoyed the Kentucky Derby 2009 all over again at the end of the movie. It was a thrill to see Mine That Bird come from far behind the horses up the rail to pass all the other Derby horses to win the race by quite a ways. It brought tears to my eyes.

I had watched the 2009 Derby on TV and I had seen how Mine That Bird and his connections were treated by everyone, including the media. I was so happy for them. I could see the race much better this time, as it was shown from the top. What a sight to see!! I thought: "Good for you, Cowboys. You are the winners, and it's hooray for the underdogs." I loved this movie!! It's a must-see.

Martha Kinkead more than 3 years ago


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