May 26, 2014

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fees for extra submissions

How do I pay for the extra submissions went I am sending the work electronically?

Alice Cecil 269 days ago

Payment of Fees

You can pay online via credit card or by check made payable to Kentucky Monthly and sent to Kay Vest, Kentucky Monthly, P.O. Box 559, Frankfort, KY 40602-0559. If paying by check, please be sure you write "For Literary Contest" in the memo line. 269 days ago

prize money

Is there prize money for winners or pay by word for publishing stories

Jean Kinsey 270 days ago

Prize Money

No, Jean, there is no prize money award for those literary works that are selected to be published. 269 days ago


What are the prizes for each category? Are there three winners in each category plus honorable mentions? Thanks.

Becky Kelley 270 days ago

Published Work

Hi, Becky. Thanks for your query. The are no prizes per se in Kentucky Monthly's literary contest other than the honor of having your work published in the magazine. There are generally from one to three nonfiction and/or fiction pieces published, along with several poems. It varies from year to year based on the amount of space available in the November issue. 269 days ago


I have a picture I want to include in a creative non-fiction entry. Is that ok?

Della 278 days ago

Photo WIth Creative Nonfiction Submission

Yes, that would be perfectly fine. Thanks for asking. 276 days ago

Corrected entry

I submitted my non-fiction entry forgetting to double-space it. I later re-submitted it with the corrected text. Will that cause any problem?

Allen Epling 326 days ago

Corrected entry query

No, it should be fine. Thanks for letting us know. 326 days ago

Submission Stuff

Not even one 1,600 word story?

Haley 330 days ago

Number of Words

Due to space limitations in the magazine, stories should not exceed 1,200 words. 328 days ago


Are stories for children ok?

Arlene 333 days ago


Stories for children are fine. 331 days ago


Would you accept excerpts of plays.

Fred Geross 333 days ago

Play query

Yes, submitting a play excerpt would be fine. 326 days ago

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