Kentucky Loving

Some days just make me stop and remember how much I love living in Kentucky. This perfect spring day at Wild Turkey was one of them. more

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Women who drink whiskey

Women who drink whiskey are just women. Who drink whiskey. more

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Whiskey by the drink sign at Shirley Mae's

Dana McMahan

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

The seriously satisfying experience of dining at Shirley Mae's in Louisville more

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Why This Kentuckian is Happy

Sharing stories about people whose lives are filled with passion and purpose more

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Fried squirrel recipe

Photo courtesy Brenda Bowling

How To Eat Fried Squirrel

Who says there's anything wrong with eating squirrel? more

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Lard crop

Brian McMahan

For the Love of Lard

Perhaps its time for cooking with pig fat to shake off its bad reputation more

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I Choose Kentucky

Other places may catch my eye, but you, Bluegrass State, have my heart more

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Corn fritters

Dana McMahan

The Corn Dish I Can't Stop Thinking About

This fresh corn recipe produces such stuff that dreams are made on more

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