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Brotherly Love

Contributing author Gary Garth reflects on the recent passing of his brother



On the third Saturday in August, a large number of hunters arise before dawn, slather on fistfuls of tick and mosquito repellent, and head into the woods for the start of squirrel season. more

Field Notes

Summer. And the endless rains of late winter and early spring have, like the dawn dew, largely evaporated, replaced by a relentless heat that builds with a stifling, torch-like crescendo throughout June and July until it presses as an anvil ... more

Field Notes

While it’s true that bluegill, a favorite of many fly fishermen, generally are not choosy about fly patterns, fly placement and movement are important. more

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While crappie can be caught year-round, the golden fishing window for them occurs in April. more

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In a hunting family, a rifle found among a beloved family member's possessions triggers poignant memories more

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Grouse hunting is not for the weak-hearted or slight-winded; the critters prefer rough, rugged country. more

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Kayak fishing is the new trend for anglers. more

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Early restoration work laid the foundation for the success that the state's turkey program enjoys today more

Field Notes

The Cuisine of Getting By

“And there came a voice to him: ‘Rise, Peter; kill and eat.’ ” – Acts 10:13 ESV Bible Gary Garth talks about the Cuisine of Getting By... more

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Before the iPhone and GPS units, there were the map and compass ... more

Field Notes

My job requires that I go outside and play. Friends occasionally take me to task for this flimsy excuse of a profession, but I offer no apologies, assuming their complaints are rooted in friendly jealousy. more

Field Notes

A family's best friend, remembered. more

Field Notes

“When it’s all said and done, I think brook trout are my favorite fish.” — from Even Brook Trout Get the Blues by John Gierach more

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