In Medias Res

I wrote the introduction to this blog several years ago. I had been freelancing with Kentucky Monthly for over a year and they just kept letting me write about the cool and interesting Kentucky people and events that I discovered... more

A Kentuckian in Paris

In The Light of Hope

Hope shines in Paris during this season of lights. more

A Kentuckian in Paris 1 Comments

A Savory Distinction

A Kentuckian in Paris remembers the savory distinction of a deeply loved aunt. more

A Kentuckian in Paris

What This Means

For this Kentuckian in Paris, it is the coordinates of the heart that make the joy-full things worth the strange roughness of the journey to finally arrive. more

A Kentuckian in Paris

About this Blog

Writer, teacher, poet, artist, mother & wife Kristy Robinson Horine shares her oftentimes humorous musings on what it means to be a Kentuckian. Kristy believes words have power, and that there is enough light to bring those words to life. Sometimes, she just has to look for it …



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