The Summer Smell

Tomato is the smell of my red (and my hands). From the vine on the breath of the coon who stole them from my patch of ground. more

A Kentuckian in Paris

Mountains and Molehills—Shovel, Please

One Tuesday last year, between Christmas and Jan. 1, I called my health insurance company to check on a claim status. Wendy took my call, answered my questions and suggested a solution. more

A Kentuckian in Paris

Bullfrog, Speak!

Right along dusk not too long ago, we walked to the pond on the farm where I grew up. Sadie, at 4 years old, wore her galoshes and galloped ahead of us down the gravel drive... more

A Kentuckian in Paris

In Medias Res

I wrote the introduction to this blog several years ago. I had been freelancing with Kentucky Monthly for over a year and they just kept letting me write about the cool and interesting Kentucky people and events that I discovered... more

A Kentuckian in Paris

About this Blog

Writer, teacher, poet, artist, mother & wife Kristy Robinson Horine shares her oftentimes humorous musings on what it means to be a Kentuckian. Kristy believes words have power, and that there is enough light to bring those words to life. Sometimes, she just has to look for it …



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