Wing Shooting

There was just a tinge of concern in my wife’s voice. “What are you doing?” I lowered and raised the gun... more

Field Notes

Fishing with Kids

Gary Garth, Field Notes Columnist, writes about taking kids fishing and some things to think about before embarking on such adventures. more

Field Notes

The Cramer Cabin

Bear Lake Wilderness Camp in Esponola, Ontario, is just what the name implies: a scattering of rustic, no-frills cabins on a six-acre island rising from, of course, Bear Lake. more

Field Notes

The Cuisine of Getting By

“And there came a voice to him: ‘Rise, Peter; kill and eat.’ ” – Acts 10:13 ESV Bible Gary Garth talks about the Cuisine of Getting By... more

Field Notes

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Gary Garth spends much of his working time writing about fishing and hunting and hiking and camping and shooting and other things outdoors. In Field Notes you’ll find news and opinions, glimpses of people he's met and places visited. If the fishing and food are good, he’ll tell you. If they’re not, he'll let you know! Visit Gary's personal blog at

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