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The movie "Taps" was not filmed at Millersburg Military Institute. It was filmed at Valley Forge Military Academy.

David Gess more than 3 years ago

In Country, 1989

One more not on the list is In Country starring Bruce Willis. According to Wikipedia, "Much of the film was shot in Kentucky's far-western Jackson Purchase, where the original author, Bobbie Ann Mason, grew up. Her home of Graves County, specifically its county seat of Mayfield, was the location for many scenes. The walk-in doctor's office seen in the film is actually a dry cleaners which was renamed "Clothes Doctor" following its appearance in the film. Several other scenes were shot in the Purchase's largest city of Paducah, particularly the scenes inside their home. In a brief scene shot outside the small home, located in Paducah, one can briefly observe a boxer and a black lab lying under a tree in the front yard. The boxer, Dempsey, belonged to the actual resident of the home, while the black lab was Dempsey's lifelong pal from down the street, Scotty." Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's first child, Rumer, was born in Paducah in 1988.

Sherry Fisher more than 4 years ago

One more

Although not listed, the 1984 movie "A Rare Breed" was filmed mostly in Kentucky. My father served as chauffeur, assistant and drinking pal to co-star Forrest Tucker. He also served as an extra in at least two scenes. I think the movie was somewhat a flop for the director (David Nelson). My father came home to tell us great stories every day about co-star George Kennedy's seriousness or Mr. Tucker's bourbon choice for the day. I have the movie, only released on VHS, and is a great connection for me as my father has long since passed on.

Dennis Hamm more than 4 years ago

How The West Was Won

There are several films left off your list, but one of the most famous (besides Goldfinger, of course) was in 1961, Smithland, Ky., was temporarily renamed "Albany, N.Y." for the filming of a portion of "How the West Was Won" starring Jimmy Stewart, Debbie Reynolds, Walter Brennan, and many others, and featuring many Smithland residents as extras.

Paul W Urbahns more than 4 years ago


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