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Working at Abbey of Gethsemani

I loved going to the Abbey of Gethsemani on weekends back in 1989 to 1994. I volunteered my time on Saturdays and some Sundays. I would work on the farm with Brother Conrad and a few more monks. I worked on the tractors and learned to deal with the cows, bailed hay and put it on the wagon to take to the barn. I have a few friends at Gethsemani, and the next time I am in Radcliff, Ky., I will make it a point to go and visit. I do miss being there on my time off and working for the monks.

Father Timothy Kelley was the abbot during the time I was going there. The last time I talked to Brother Conrad, he was back out on the grounds doing grounds maintenance. There was a tractor that I worked on—I think it was the 911 John Deere. As far that I know, it is still running. But in it all, I loved to be at the Abbey of Gethsemani. The brothers in the Abbey do an excellent job at anything they do there.

John Rothery Holloway

John Rothery Holloway more than 4 years ago

Coming to Kentucky

i will be coming to Radcliff, Kentucky, in October 2015 to see my grandchildren in Vine Grove, and I alsowill be making the trip to Abbey of Gethsemani to visit the monks and my best friend there, Brother Conrad.

John Rothery Holloway more than 3 years ago


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