Chasing Waterfalls

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I love your pix but it would have been nice if you had added locations for the falls.

Fay more than 3 years ago

Waterfall locations

These waterfall images also appear in the March issue of Kentucky Monthly, accompanied by the county in which the photo was taken. more than 3 years ago


I only wish you had given locations, being in northern Kentucky, I would love to see them in person. I recognized a few.

Betty more than 3 years ago


These are beautiful pictures! Would really love to know where these are. Waterfalls attract me. I often ride my motorcycle just to see them. I do know one looks like Cumberland falls, but where are the others?

Renae J more than 3 years ago


Lovely photos, I wish they were labeled as it makes me want to visit them myself.

Tina more than 3 years ago

Chasing Waterfalls

Wow! Amazing is the word to use for your work! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful photos.

Tonya Branscum more than 3 years ago

William Fultz II

Absolutely love your photos! Waterfalls are one of my favorite things in nature. You made me feel as though I was right there. Awesome!

Robin more than 3 years ago

Fantastic images

I've had the pleasure to shoot a waterfall with Bill, whom I call "The Waterfall Sensei! He is an incredible photographer as evidenced by the spectacular images he has provided for this article. Bill's is quiet adept at photographing arches around the state of Kentucky as well.

Greg Davis more than 3 years ago


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