Dana McMahan

Western Kentucky University and Alltech are partnering in a new educational program on brewing and distilling more


Food and travel writer Dana McMahan recounts her bourbon-infused experience at the Knob Creek Campout more


The last installment of Kentucky Monthly's series 120 Eats: A Quest to Taste Kentucky’s Best appears in the November issue, in which Dana McMahan takes readers to Red River Rockhouse in Wolfe County. more

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Kentucky Loving

Some days just make me stop and remember how much I love living in Kentucky. This perfect spring day at Wild Turkey was one of them. more

120 Eats

Women who drink whiskey

Women who drink whiskey are just women. Who drink whiskey. more

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Whiskey by the drink sign at Shirley Mae's

Dana McMahan

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

The seriously satisfying experience of dining at Shirley Mae's in Louisville more

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Why This Kentuckian is Happy

Sharing stories about people whose lives are filled with passion and purpose more

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Fried squirrel recipe

Photo courtesy Brenda Bowling

How To Eat Fried Squirrel

Who says there's anything wrong with eating squirrel? more

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Lard crop

Brian McMahan

For the Love of Lard

Perhaps its time for cooking with pig fat to shake off its bad reputation more

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The ultimate bourbon lovers’ fantasy more

Arts & Entertainment

I Choose Kentucky

Other places may catch my eye, but you, Bluegrass State, have my heart more

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Corn fritters

Dana McMahan

The Corn Dish I Can't Stop Thinking About

This fresh corn recipe produces such stuff that dreams are made on more

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Happy Birthday to Me

Bourbon wishes can come true - even when it's not a special occasion! more

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But is it local?

Dana McMahan

Who's the Localest of Them All?

Buy local, but judge not. more

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Emotions run close to the surface while exploring the faraway kingdom of Cambodia more

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Local Louisville Love

Traveling like a local is the latest buzzword. But sometimes you just can't beat *being* a local. more

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Go Team

True confessions of a Kentuckian in Louisville who (gasp) doesn't care who wins The Game more

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Dana McMahan

I Don't Want to Be a Bourbon Expert

Cheers to always an enthusiast, never an expert more

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October 25, 2018


October 28, 2018