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Pine Mountain Settlement School puts visitors in touch with nature, while boosting the local economy Text and Photos by Kim Kobersmith more



Joshua Lindau

The Estill County retreat reflects the dedication and inner peace of its innkeeper more


The Christian Appalachian Project celebrates 50 years of service more


Wilderness Road Guest Houses in Stanford preserve old memories, while their guests make new ones more


Part Pikeville museum, part post-modern, local-food destination, Matt Corbin’s pub reflects his love for his hometown more

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Experience a mountain’s majesty along the Pine Mountain Trail more



photo by Kristin Barlowe

When kids grow up with something to prove, they can become stubborn and a bit hardheaded. But when those kids grow up to be adults who want to make a living as musicians … well, they just might become superstars. So goes the story of Sundy Best. more

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EKU professor rises to the challenge of 21st century law enforcement. more


Community Band2

Cheryl Amstutz

Musicians find their rhythm and create the sweet harmony of community more



Dana McMahan

Everything I Need to Know I Learned on a Motorcycle Trip with My Dad

A book series a while back claimed all you need to know in life, you learn in kindergarten. Remember those? I have a new one: Anything I haven't learned yet in my life I can learn on a motorcycle trip with my dad. more

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Fess Halcomb knows he is a blessed man. He spent six decades with a love of a lifetime. more

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October 25, 2018


October 28, 2018