Early restoration work laid the foundation for the success that the state's turkey program enjoys today more

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Voracious eaters, deer rarely pass up an easy meal ... more

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Duck hunting guide is the best on the lake: Captain of the Boat and Lord of the Blind more

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Game and fish are the original organic, free-range foods (plus a recipe for squirrel stew!) more

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Muzzleloaders retain a following among Kentucky hunters more

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Photo courtesy of Kentucky Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Resources

Killing is hardly the totality of the hunting experience. Some hunt to keep in touch with where they came from and who they are. more

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Outdoors columnist Gary Garth trains to receive his Kentucky concealed carry license. more

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Self-described “country boys” Harold Knight and David Hale turn friendship and a love of hunting into a decades-long business phenomenon. more

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Thanks to wildlife conservation, the world of rods and guns and dogs and wild game and wild places are today the "good old days" for Kentucky's outdoors men and women. more

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December 18, 2017


December 19, 2017