Walt Reichert

Remember when mom or grandma would pull out refrigerator pickles out for nearly every summer meal? Gardening columnist Walt Reichert has a tasty, easy recipe for them. Read more


The why-to and how-to of ensuring old varieties of flowers and vegetables escape extinction Read more



Photos by Tim Harris

Tucked away on 58 acres in Oldham County, Yew Dell Botanical Gardens is a Kentucky treasure Read more


Few, if any, topics cause more fear and trembling among gardeners than the subject of shrub pruning Read more


Remember the blistering heat and the depressingly desiccated and distraught gardens of last July and August? Walt's watering advice will help your plants survive if drought strikes again. Read more


Gardening season may be winding down but you can curl up with a good gardening book to keep that green thumb green. Read more


Just as some people like to redecorate and move furniture every six months or so, there are those gardeners who feel compelled to remake their gardens every few years. Read more


Basil is well-behaved, productive, versatile in the garden as well as in the kitchen, practically problem-free, and as ornamental as many flowering annuals. Read more


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