One Last Ride


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The 5th Son...

of Hermon Clayton Robinson, Jr. is sitting on the bed reading Kristy's words about Dad while a big ol' tear rolls down my left cheek. Dad's obituary tells an impressive story about the outward man.

Kristy's heartfelt words tell about the inward man, my father. They also provide a glimpse of the character he leaves behind in the lives of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren, of life lessons learned that are passed along every day in simple things.

Thanks for filling in some gaps, Kristy. Lots of love!

Danny more than 5 years ago


This was a heartfelt story that reminds me of my own grandfather.

Bobbi Dawn Rightmyer more than 5 years ago

Named after him...

Yes, I am Hermon Clayton Robinson III and this is my father Kristy writes about. Her words made me cry. I remember when my four brothers and I took Dad to the World War II Memorial dedication in Washington, D.C. We were so proud of him, and he kind of glowed as he spoke to many of the heroes gathered there. Being a former army colonel, Dad marched us to breakfast one morning.

We'll miss him.

Rob Robinson more than 5 years ago


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